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Legacy Series

Experience technology come alive in our digital art expression of how our world evolves in a state of computational flux. Your TEC VIVA is developing within the Ethereum blockchain and the NFT grants you access to exclusive benefits and stimmies to members. The collection of original digital art pieces has levels that unlock distinct redeemable rewards.  


Levels of NFTs 

Legacy – top tier collector’s value 

Collector – moderate level  

Impressive – developing level 


Follow these steps: 

1. Purchase NFT on OpenSea and flex it on socials. Do not forget to tag us. 

2. Enter our Discord Server and register wallet with for NFT verification. 

3. Monitor NFT announcements for updates 

Beginning 10/1/2022, stimmies snapshots shall be calculated monthly with quarterly 3CRV airdrops to NFT wallet holders on the Ethereum blockchain. Check out our Discord channel for more details. 

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